Tucker Carlson Named America’s Favorite Public Figure, Barack Obama Comes In Last


Ex-Fox News star Tucker Carlson scored a major win in a new survey from the reputable polling out Gallup while former President Barack Obama got some terrible news. Tucker was named America’s favorite public figure in the new poll which should terrify Rupert Murdoch.

Obama meanwhile finished in last place which should terrify the Dems heading into the critical 2024 election because Obama was the one who had to make the case to the voters for Biden because Joe is the worst public speaker in America.

Biden bumbled around so much and makes such horrific gaffes the Dems had to hide him in the basement during the 2020 election. They can’t hide him this time and if the public has soured on Obama who do the Dems have to make their case? Kamala Harris?

According to Gallup:

Americans’ Favorite Public Individuals:

Now we are going to ask you about the one public individual you watch or follow the most to get information.

Public individuals are people who have public influence (for example, a celebrity, journalist, academic expert, show host, online influencer, or business leader).

Please list the one public individual you watch or follow most often to get information.

Name No. of mentions

Tucker Carlson 113

Rachel Maddow 107

Sean Hannity 57

Trevor Noah 57

Ben Shapiro 56

Stephen Colbert 56

Lester Holt 55

John Oliver 53

David Muir 44

Anderson Cooper 43

Joe Rogan 41

Joe Biden 37

Donald Trump 30

Neil deGrasse Tyson 30

Bill Maher 26

Nicolle Wallace 24

Jake Tapper 23

Anthony Fauci 21

Philip DeFranco 21

Barack Obama 20

See the results of the full survey here.


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