Tucker Carlson Questions Obama’s “Highly Creepy Personal Life” in Episode 2


Tucker Carlson questioned former president Barack Obama’s “highly creepy personal life” when he released episode two of his Twitter show.

Tucker seemed to suggest Obama is gay. Tucker said: “By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life, yet nobody ever asked him about it.

“By that point, a leader’s behavior within his own marriage, the core relationship of his life, had been declared irrelevant.

“It was Barack Obama’s business, not yours.

“One by one, with increasing speed, our old taboos have been struck down.

“Those that remain have lost their moral force.

“Stealing, flaunting your wealth, striking women, smoking marijuana on the street shameless public hypocrisy, taking other people’s money for not working.

“All of these things used to be considered unacceptable in America. “Not anymore.

“So it probably shouldn’t surprise us that the greatest taboo of all is teetering on the edge of acceptability child molestation.

“A generation ago, talking to someone else’s children about sex was widely considered grounds for a thrashing.”


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