Tucker: “Ray Epps CLEARLY Was Working For Somebody…”


Tucker has been on a wild tear this weekend.

He went on the FullSend podcast yesterday and there are so many hilarious and newsworthy clips from that interview I’m having trouble keeping up!

One breaking alert that I covered yesterday is Tucker coming out and saying 100% aliens and UFOs are real and he’s seen the evidence.

But now I want to talk about another interview he just did (where Tucker was the guest, not the interviewer) where he’s talking about Ray Epps.

Tucker seems to be virtually the only person in the MSM who is covering all of these topics like the J6 Truth, Aliens/UFOs and now Ray Epps.

For everyone else who already knows who Ray Epps is, watch this new clip where Tucker breaks the Ray Epps story wide open…

Watch here:

And for more from Tucker, keep reading if you missed this yesterday….it’s wild!

Tucker Carlson: Aliens Are Real, They’ve Been Here Since The Beginning, We Have ALL The Evidence!

Buckle up folks, this is about to get WILD!

About 10 years ago, I started telling people that the Alien Disclosure would happen within the next 10-15 years.

People thought I was nuts, looked at me like I had two heads.

But I could see what was coming.

Even Wernher von Braun, the man who basically founded NASA, famously told his closest confidant right before his death that the final card that “they” would play would be Aliens.

Fast forward 10 years to today, and Aliens and UFOs are all over the news.

But the truth hasn’t really come out yet.

What’s happening right now is what people refer to as “soft disclosure”.

Basically dripping out bits and pieces and here and there so the public starts to get used to the idea.  Get’s a little numb to it even.

Soon the full on hard disclosure will hit, where it won’t be this debate about whether certain video footage is real or fake, or whether it was just a weather balloon, or stuff like that.

No, soon it will be outright admitted.

I expect it will be a ships sitting over a big city, probably New York, and it will be undeniable.

It will even be on the MSM and there will be no doubt about what is happening.

Think I’m crazy?

Then you need to listen to this brand new 10 minute clip from Tucker Carlson.

This is Tucker on the FullSend Podcast and it’s WILD!

Tucker says in no uncertain terms that he’s talked to people on the inside and seen some of the evidence, and he says there’s not a doubt that these things are here.

So why all the cover-up?

It’s pretty simple.

Because if a country like the USA or Russia or China has to admit they don’t even control their own airspace, that things are coming and going that we have no idea what they are and we can’t even begin to match their technology, it would be a massive embarrassment and lead to public panic.

Makes sense.

But Tucker says they’re real and they’re here.

Not only that, he says there’s evidence they’ve been here since the beginning.

I’ll give you my take on that down below, because I agree.

Tucker then says the best evidence he’s seen is that these things are living in the Oceans.

They fly in and out of the Oceans at speeds that defy our current understanding of physics.

Their use of heat does not align with our understanding of physics.

They move at speeds underwater that we would not think are possible….and yet, we have recorded them, Tucker says.

It’s all in here.

Tucker is not some Internet wacko or tin-foil-hat guy….and he’s telling you this flat out.

Watch here:

And if you want to hear the full interview, I have that for you here.

Watch this:

Now my take…

I think Tucker is right.


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