Tucker REVEALED Obama’s Gay Lover


Last week, Tucker Carlson went on the Adam Carolla Show and suddenly almost out of nowhere made the stunning allegation that it was common knowledge in the D.C. Press that Obama had sex with men and smoked crack with back in 2008 (and presumably earlier).

Watch that clip here:

When asked by Carolla whether he knew the story to be true or just suspected it was true, Tucker doubled down and said he had zero doubts.

“By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life. Yet nobody ever asked him about it,” Tucker stated back in June.

He then referenced Larry Sinclair and how he talked with him and believed his story 100%.

Now we advance the story….or I should say now Tucker advances the story.

He just posted this stunning one minute teaser trailer of his new interview with the very same Larry Sinclair, which drops on Wednesday night on X.

This is wild, watch here:

Of course the Krassenstein brothers (both totally straight, by the way) were on the ball immediately to discredit the interview, immediately spouting the same talking point claiming there is no evidence of this.

Here is (totally straight) Brian:

And totally straight Ed:

The only problem with the Krassenstein talking points?

Larry Sinclair has been saying this OPENLY for years!


Here he is in 2008 saying the exact same things, but the MSM gave it a Media blackout and we barely had social media back then:

It goes back to 1999:

Here is Larry Sinclair with his attorney in 2008 making all the same allegations at the National Press Club:

That video has been on YouTube for 7 years!

The MSM was there but memory-holed the story:

Remember when Newsweek put Obama on their cover in 2012 with the title “The First Gay President”?

Remember that?

From ABC News, this is real:

From 11 years ago:

From 2010:

Then we have to end with this…

I had seen this before and ignored it, but now it takes on a whole new light.

Watch to the very end.

I initially thought John Legend’s wife was joking about THEM having sex somewhere in the White House.

But that’s not what they say at all.

Help me understand what they are saying here:


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