US Diplomat, Former Senator Admits He Once Threatened to “Kick the S**t” Out of Biden for Groping His Wife


Isn’t it astonishing how stories like these conveniently get swept under the rug when they don’t fit a particular narrative?

While the mainstream media was eager to jump on every single Trump headline, why is it that revelations like these about President Biden emerge quietly, with little fanfare?

And more importantly, how many more stories remain buried, waiting to see the light of day?

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown’s revelation is not just a mere anecdote; it raises serious questions about the character of the individual sitting in the Oval Office.

The incident Brown narrated isn’t just any off-the-cuff remark—it’s an alarming reflection of Biden’s behavior.

This story should have been in the limelight when it happened.

The public deserved to know.

But, as it often happens, the powerful get protected, while the rest are left to fend for themselves.

It’s a disgrace that Senator Brown, who served alongside Biden, had to warn a senior colleague off his wife with such strong language.

And yet, we’re only hearing about this now?

This selective dissemination of information isn’t just biased journalism; it’s a breach of trust with the American people.

There’s a reason phrases like “Creepy Joe” have circulated for years, and this incident does little to dispel such notions.

What’s even more concerning is that others within the power corridors might have been aware of such behavior but chose to remain silent.

By doing so, they enabled the actions to persist unchecked.

At a time when we’re striving to create a society rooted in respect and equality, stories like this are a stark reminder that the journey is far from over.

How many more revelations are waiting in the wings?

It’s high time we demand transparency, not just for the sake of news but for the integrity of our democratic institutions.

Fox News confirms:

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown claimed he once had to tell President Biden to back off his wife or he’d “kick the s— out of him.”

Brown, who later served in the Trump administration as Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, was discussing the relationship he had with Biden when he served in the Senate representing Massachusetts. On the “Burn Barrel podcast,” Brown said he had to give Biden a strong warning during his swearing-in ceremony several years ago.

“I told him I’d kick the s— out — I told him to stop, so yes,” he chuckled.

The former senator was reluctant to discuss the “old news” but after being prompted to elaborate he recalled the moment calling out Biden “to his face.”

“Yes, he didn’t act the way I thought he should, and we called him on it and that’s it,” he responded.

The brazen double standards that plague our political climate are staggering, and President Biden’s case is a textbook example.

While the Democratic party has long paraded itself as a champion of women’s rights and the MeToo movement, why does it consistently turn a blind eye to allegations against its own prominent members?

Observations about Biden’s history of inappropriate behavior isn’t just a one-off observation.

There are countless videos and accounts that paint a concerning picture.

From unsolicited hair-sniffing to disturbingly close encounters with women and children, it’s not just a simple case of “that’s how he is.”

Instead, it’s a concerning pattern of behavior.

So, one has to wonder, why isn’t there more public outrage?

What adds salt to the wound is Biden’s refusal to recognize his illegitimate granddaughter, highlighting a refusal to take responsibility for family actions.

If this were any other political figure from the opposite side of the aisle, one could easily imagine the media frenzy that would ensue.

Yet, in this case, silence prevails.

Former Senator Scott Brown’s candid revelation further paints a disturbing portrait.

“That’s not Joe Biden,” he says, hinting at cognitive decline and hinting at the nation’s leader not being in his right mental state.

Why are these concerns being sidelined?

Isn’t the mental well-being of a nation’s leader of utmost importance?

Zero Hedge has more details on the situation:

Shattuck noted Biden’s history of inappropriate behavior around women over the years, including hair-sniffing of both women and children – suggesting that female voters didn’t like what they were seeing.

“Biden has taken a hit in the polls, especially in the last few months. This thing with his granddaughter really stuck,” referring to Biden’s initial refusal to acknowledge his illegitimate granddaughter fathered by Hunter Biden and a former stripper.

“Also, I think people are irked out about all the hair sniffing and things when he went overseas. I think women are skeeved out by that stuff. He’s not a good guy. You know him…,” said Shattuck – to which Brown replied:

“I did know him. I spent quite a bit of time with him. I enjoyed his company. But that’s not Joe Biden.”

“We all know people who have dementia and have the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and he’s got it. I mean, it’s the walk. It’s the way he’s mumbling, his angry outbursts. And it’s a shame that we can’t do better in this great country.”


“It’s old news. Yes, he didn’t act the way I thought he should. And we called him on it, and that’s it,” said Brown.

It’s alarming that the man leading the nation has such allegations and observations swirling around him. The silence and lack of accountability is deafening.

If we’re to ensure the integrity of our leadership and trust in our institutions, these matters cannot be overlooked or brushed aside.

The American people deserve leaders who are beyond reproach and transparent in their actions.

How much longer will these issues be swept under the rug?


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