[VIDEO] “All My Chickens Are Dead…” Woman 10 Miles From Ohio Train Derailment Speaks Out…


The train derailment and explosion in Ohio could be one of the worst environmental disasters our country has ever dealt with, and you will be hard-pressed to find a bleeding heart liberal on TV talking about it.

I thought these people loved the environment? They’ll chastise you for using a gas stove, but when a train derails with toxic chemicals spewing everywhere, they couldn’t care less. Sounds like they’re very passionate and honest people, right?

Here’s a quick recap from The New Times about what happened:

This month a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in eastern Ohio, igniting a fire that covered the town of East Palestine in smoke. Fearful of a major explosion, the authorities carved out an evacuation zone and carried out a controlled release of toxic fumes to neutralize burning cargo inside some of the train cars.

Residents feared for their health as concerns have mounted about the effect the derailment and the fire could have on the environment and the transportation network.

Here’s what to know about what happened, and what comes next.

What happened?
Around 9 p.m. on Feb. 3, a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, a village of about 4,700 residents about 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. There were 150 cars on the route from Madison, Ill., to Conway, Pa. The National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating, said on Feb. 14 that 38 cars derailed and a fire ensued, which damaged another 12 cars.

The train, operated by Norfolk Southern, had been carrying chemicals and combustible materials, with vinyl chloride, a toxic flammable gas, being of most concern to investigators. A huge fire erupted from the derailment, sending thick billowing smoke into the sky and over the town. Residents on both sides of the Ohio-Pennsylvania border were ordered to evacuate, as Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio raised alarms about a possible explosion.

And now, people are reporting that their animals are dying.

A woman who lives 10 mile from the explosion site, woke up to find all of her chickens dead.

You can watch the video below:

The folks over at Citizen Free Press have been providing top-notch coverage on this story, and here’s what they said in a recent video regarding the water testing in Ohio:

They’re testing the water outside East Palestine and the results are not good. “The contaminated water is bleaching all the colors out of these [testing] squares… There is obviously something in this water in large quantity that is being hidden.”

And speaking of the water, Sundance, from one of the best political blogs out “The Conservative Treehouse,” said this about the water situation in Ohio (and yes, the water has been contaminated and the plum is traveling at 1 MPH):

I took notes during the Ohio government update on the East Palestine train derailment and toxic chemical spill response.  The full press briefing is below. The media present was a mix of uncurious stenographers and some inquisitive journalists.

After about 20 minutes of generally obtuse outlines intended to downplay the seriousness of the crisis, which included a game and fish commissioner saying 3,500 fish were killed by the chemical pollutants – yet never actually saying *what* about the chemicals killed the fish, suddenly the Ohio EPA official admitted something important.

WATER QUALITY – After the Ohio EPA spent several minutes saying the released chemicals are *CURRENTLY* dissipating to “non traceable levels” at various points in the downstream waterways, suddenly she admits the “initial slack” of chemicals did reach the Ohio River. [Prompted 19:34, WATCH]  The “Contamination Plume” is travelling down the Ohio River at approximately 1 mph, providing the various municipal water systems the ability to disconnect from the Ohio River intake as the toxins pass by.

I did a story yesterday about an independent reporter who went to Ohio and was trying to investigate and find out what was going on, who was actually arrested…

Sounds like another “coverup” is in the works…


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