(VIDEO) Biden Asked Why “China Would Make Such a Brazen Act” By Flying a Spy Balloon Across US – His Response is Shocking


Joe Biden on Monday afternoon returned to the White House after a long vacation weekend at Camp David.

Biden stopped to chat with some reporters before shuffling away and turning in for the evening.

Biden was asked if the spy balloon will change his State of the Union speech.

“No,” Biden said.

“Why would the Chinese make such a brazen act?” a reporter asked Biden.

His response was shocking.

“They’re the Chinese government,” Biden said laughing.

Biden is admitting the Chinese government is more powerful and more feared than the US.

If we had real leadership, China would never have dared fly a spy balloon over the United States.

Joe Biden is compromised because his son Hunter’s investment firm received a $1.2 billion infusion from the Bank of China.


Biden allowed the spy balloon to float over the United States for a week straight.

The China spy balloon that Joe Biden allowed to traverse across the US carried explosives, was 200 feet tall and weighed thousands of pounds according to the Pentagon.

China also threatened Biden after he ordered the balloon to be shot down over the Atlantic Ocean.


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