[VIDEO] Here’s A Short Clip From Dem Primary Debate Where Kamala Looks/Sounds Very Intoxicated


You can’t ignore this!

You have to watch this 2019 video from the Dem primary debate. Enjoy watching Kamala Harris embarrassing herself.

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Have you noticed anything strange?

Why does Harris act drunk? She is obnoxious and… insane.

Notice the resemblance between Harris and Nancy Pelosi?

Here’s what people said:

“She flamed out of Presidential race before primaries with 12% approval . Everyone hated her then. Everyone hates her now.”

“She is flapping her elbows again.”

“How has he made it so far in life?”

“Definitely better not to used guns while drunk. Or answer questions on TV, really.”

“That’s a bourbon cackle.” 

“Now we know why she’s always laughing” 

“The worst drunk in the room. What an embarrassment to the world.”

“So embarrassing that this cackling hyena is our Vice President and our POTUS belongs in a Senior Living Center.”

“Hitler is more likeable than Kamala.”

“She’s the most ridiculous VP in the history of the republic.”

Wayne Dupree

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