[VIDEO] Here’s All The Proof You Need That Graham and Gowdy are BOTH Traitors


Every once in a while I like to bring this video back as a reminder to all of you of the kind of evil traitors who are in the GOP, masquerading as our “friends and allies.”

Two of the worst culprits are Lindey Graham and Trey Gowdy. Now, I know you probably already realize what a swamp rat Lindsey is, but a lot of people are still fooled by Trey Gowdy.  Because back when he was in the House, Trey put on quite a show. I call it “political theater.” All talk and no action. Remember all the “hearings” Trey would hold, and he’d get into his “prosecutor” mode and open up cans of “whoopa**” all over people like Hillary Clinton and we’d all sit at home, cheering and be super excited, and then absolutely nothing would happen? Yeah, it was all a sham. Every bit of it.

Lindsey and Trey are two of the biggest swamp rats we’ve got, and I never want you to forget that.

From Analyzing America:

Both Graham and Gowdy notoriously supported the FBI’s witch hunt into the Trump campaign. The FBI applied for a warrant based on phony information to spy on the Trump campaign.

The information was fed to the FBI by Democrats. The FBI specifically targeted Trump’s campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

Former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann lied to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in September of 2016 and provided false information about how Trump was allegedly colluding with a Russia-based bank through a “covert communications channel.”

The Clinton campaign used this false information to prompt an FBI investigation into the Republican nominee for president.

The federal government and corrupt Democrats colluded and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on the fake Russian hoax against President Donald Trump.

This political witch hunt ultimately resulted in a criminal investigation into the Clinton campaign and the origins of the hoax.

And these two supposed “conservatives” supported it, validated it, and cheered t on, and now we now it was all a fake/phony hoax.

You can watch the video below:

This behavior is unforgivable, yet Lindsey is still on Hannity every night, and Trey Gowdy has his own Fox show….Really says a lot about Fox News, doesn’t it?


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