[VIDEO] Here’s Jeb!’s Full Endorsement of Ron DeSantis For President… Yikes


I am not sure what’s worse – a Paul Ryan endorsement or a Jeb! Bush endorsement. What do you think? Initially, I’d say Paul Ryan, because he’s such an evil character and Jeb!

is such a bumbling doofus, but in reality, the Bush endorsement is worse, even coming from Jeb! because of what the Bush dynasty stands for: America Last, Globalists, and Warmongering. That’s their legacy. And yes, Ryan stands for the same disgusting stuff, but he’s not a “dynasty” and never will be.

So, you can imagine how shocked and disturbed many MAGA folks felt when they saw Jeb!’s endorsement of Ron DeSantis. Actually, Paul Ryan did the same, when he said that DeSantis was at the “top” of his 2024 list.

But the Jeb! endorsement is really detailed and that can’t bode well for Ron. The LAST thing anybody wants is a candiate endorsed by the RINO/establishment swampers.

Not everyone has seen this full endorsement from Jeb!, but yikes, it does more harm than good, if you ask me.

Laura Loomer put it best when she said: “I would never vote for anyone endorsed by globalist RINO Jeb Bush. It’s a bad look. Incredible how DeSantis is so daft, he thinks this will help him. Everyone I know hates Jeb Bush and the Bush family.”

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is a play for Bush donors to back DeSantis…” 

“I think the DeSantis momentum has stalled. He needs a new campaign slogan…Ron! The exclamation point will add energy and excitement.”

“Yep the whole Bush clan is backing Ron” 

“Every never Trump person out there is going to jump on the Desantis bandwagon. Even if they don’t like Ron. SOME of them will back Ron up until he gets the nomination and then these same people will attack Ron and go with the Democrat nominee in the general. Lincoln Project 101.”

“DeSantis is looking for Rino support. As soon as Pence drops out, he’ll most likely back DeSantis also.”

“I’ll tell you what I am sick of..Fox New pushing “DeSantis 2024” 

I don’t think the establishment will dump Ron. I think they’ll push for him, because they know they can control him. He’s one of them.


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