[VIDEO] His Walk Says It All, Right? You Can’t Hide The Walk, Joe…


There’s something wrong with the way Joe Biden walks. We’ve seen it a lot over the past couple of horrific years.

He walks as if he’s a malfunctioning robot, and in many ways he is. They can try and hide a lot when it comes to Biden and his poor mental health, but one thing they can’t hide is his gait. So, what is a gait you might ask? Well, a gait is a pattern of limb movements made during locomotion. Human gaits are the various ways in which humans can move, either naturally or as a result of specialized training. I think Biden’s gait is a mix of dementia and somebody “training” him on how to walk.. and the result is alarming.

If you notice, since his fall up the stairs of Air Force One, Joe’s gait has tightened up a lot. I think he really has to concentrate to make every step count.

Ncbi said this about gaits and dementia/Alzheimer’s:

Gait disorders are more prevalent in dementia than in normal aging and are related to the severity of cognitive decline. Dementia-related gait changes (DRGC) mainly include decrease in walking speed provoked by a decrease in stride length and an increase in support phase. More recently, dual-task related changes in gait were found in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and non-Alzheimer dementia, even at an early stage. An increase in stride-to-stride variability while usual walking and dual-tasking has been shown to be more specific and sensitive than any change in mean value in subjects with dementia. Those data show that DRGC are not only associated to motor disorders but also to problem with central processing of information and highlight that dysfunction of temporal and frontal lobe may in part explain gait impairment among demented subjects. Gait assessment, and more particularly dual-task analysis, is therefore crucial in early diagnosis of dementia and/or related syndromes in the elderly. Moreover, dual-task disturbances could be a specific marker of falling at a pre-dementia stage.

And as Joe was heading to make his (disastrous) SOTU, you can see that walk again, and something is absolutely off about it.

Here’s what conservative pundit Jesse Kelly had to say: “I love how the entire country is supposed to pretend that how Biden walks isn’t at all a big deal. People who know, know that gait…”

Yes, we do, Jesse… that’s called the “Alzheimer’s Shuffle.” My Grandpa had that. So many do, and you can’t hide it.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Looks like a malfunctioning robot”

“A diaper does that to a guy.”

“My dad has Alzheimer’s and he walks exactly like this. scary”

“I wonder who is tasked with the laser pointer job……”

“Looks like that first walk to the restaurant bathroom after your first bucket of beer.”

“Jim Carey walks like that in a few of his movies. Just sayin’.”

“That’s just the shrapnel he caught on his third tour in Vietnam.”

“Everyday I’m shuffling”

“Has anyone tried unplugging him and plugging him back in again? “

It’s shameful that we, as a country, have to sit here and pretend that this man is “normal,” when he’s clearly not.


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