[VIDEO] Massive J6 Discovery… This Clip MUST Spark Congress to Investigate


There’s a newly uncovered January 6 clip floating around out there, and what it reveals is quite shocking. So shocking, as a matter of fact that this clip alone should be the spark that lights a fire under the butts’ of Congress to actually investigate this “setup.”

So, what happened in the clip? Well, the “shot” heard round the world was captured on video – and what I mean by that is the moment that started the melee. And contrary to media belief, it doesn’t appear to have been a Trump supporter who started it, or even an undercover fed, or “Ray Epps” for that matter. The person who looks to have started this mess was a cop.

That’s right. A police officer’s move, got the ball rolling, so to speak.

Before anybody made their way past the line of cops, a Capital police officer – for some unknown reason – shot tear gas into the line of police officers, forcing them to quickly disperse, and thus, allowing the crowd to move forward.

Yes, I said he shot INTO the line of COPS.

Now, we know that the crowd moved past police at 2:27 pm. And now, thanks to this clip which includes police bodycam footage, that at 2:26 pm – one minute before the crowd advanced, a police officer shot tear gas right into the line of officers, causing them to move and clear the way for the crowd to move forward.

Stunning turn of events, if you ask me…

This conjures up a lot of questions and some really horrific possibilities. One of s possibilities is that this cop an incompetent fool, and accidentally shot tear gas at his fellow officers. And if that’s what happened, we’d all like to see what type of discipline/training he received for doing that.

The other horrific possibility is that h shot tear gas at the cops on purpose to kick off the “riot” and move the crowd forward.

Which horrific option do you think it is?


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