VIRAL Writing ‘Vote Trump, No Taxes On Tips!’ on Server Checks


Diners across America are writing a powerful message on their server checks: “Vote Trump, No Taxes On Tips!”

This grassroots trend began after President Donald Trump, at a high-energy rally in Las Vegas last week, promised to abolish taxes on tips for restaurant and hospitality workers once he returns to the Oval Office.

“This is the first time I’ve said this,” Trump announced, “and for those hotel workers and people that get tips, you’re going to be very happy. When I get back into office, we are going to eliminate taxes on tips. We’re going to do that right away, first thing in office.”

“So those people that have jobs in restaurants, whatever the job may be, a tipping job, we’re not going after for taxes anymore. This will be ended,” he added.

On Friday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY.) took to social media in support of the President’s proposal. “This week Trump suggested we shouldn’t tax tips. He’s right. Next week I’ll be re-introducing Ron Paul’s original Tax Free Tips Act to eliminate taxes on tips!”

Following this announcement, diners started a grassroots movement to show their support by writing “Vote Trump, No Taxes On Tips!” on their checks. The trend has quickly gained momentum and spread across the country.

Some servers have reported that multiple diners have joined in this trend in a single day. Even more surprising, some servers—who are directly affected by these taxes—have expressed that they will vote for Trump due to this proposal.

Join the bandwagon and help Trump get elected this November. Let your server know where you stand—write “Vote Trump, No Taxes On Tips!” on your next check.


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