Vivek Destroys Chris Christie In One Sentence “Eat A Nice Meal And…”


In the fourth Republican presidential primary debate, Vivek Ramaswamy once again stole the show.

One of the best moments of Ramaswamy’s dominance was when he called for former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, to drop out of the race.

Vivek stated, “Do everybody a favor, walk yourself off this stage, enjoy a nice meal, and get the hell out of this race.”

Watch Vivek’s full statement below:

Per The Wall Street Journal:

Vivek Ramaswamy, who has been more than comfortable playing the villain on stage and hurling over-the-top insults at his rivals, hits a new low in terms of civility.

After a heated back and forth with Chris Christie about Ukraine policy, he makes a crack about the Bridgegate scandal from years back in Fort Lee — fair enough — and then pokes fun at the former governor’s weight.
“Chris, your version of foreign policy experience was closing a bridge from New Jersey to New York. So do everybody a favor, just walk yourself off that stage, enjoy a nice meal, and get the hell out of this place.”


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