WATCH: Biden Appears To Claim He ‘Ended Cancer’ In Bizarre Clip


On Tuesday, Joe Biden made a daring declaration that has left many viewers scratching their heads and refreshing their Twitter feeds. He seemed to insinuate that he has “ended cancer” in a clip that has since spread on social media.

The gaffe came when the President recalled being asked a question that often sees people asking for a money tree or world peace, his response, as straightforward as a labyrinth, “I said I’d cure cancer … Because no one thinks we can!” Biden went on to say, “We ended cancer as we know it.” The claim, unfortunately, garnered skepticism.

In his later remarks, Biden also mentioned the total COVID-19 death toll, citing the figure as “over 100 people.” Well, he’s technically not wrong…

In another clip that’s making the rounds, Sleepy Joe, possibly auditioning for a part-time job as a safety marshal, advised his audience not to take a leap from the second balcony, a quip he has bizarrely repeated over and over.

He ended his address without addressing persistent questions about allegations of corruption involving his son, a subject that has attracted considerable controversy and public interest.



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