WATCH: Biden Can’t Remember Where His Grandkids Live, Gets Fact-Checked By Little Girl


In yet another display of forgetfulness and confusion, Joe Biden was caught on camera struggling to remember where one of his own grandchildren lives. During a Thursday event with a group of children as part of the White House’s ‘bring your kid to work day,’ Biden stumbled over his words only to be fact-checked by a young girl.

“I did say five, you’re right,” Biden trailed off.

“So let me see, I got one in New York, two in Philadelphia, three, no three because I got one granddaughter who is, I don’t know, you’re confusing me, but they’re all around Wilmington, California, New York and Philadelphia, the cities they live in.”


Sleepy Joe went on to tell the children, “I’m getting myself in trouble here and my Secret Service agents are packing so I gotta be careful.”

Later, Joe mentioned his six grandchildren, he notably did not mention his son Hunter’s 4-year-old daughter, whom they have refused to acknowledge. Hunter is currently embroiled in a child support dispute with his baby mother, Lunden Roberts, who has accused him of “playing games” and failing to comply with court orders to provide financial records. The dispute has escalated to the point where Roberts has requested that Hunter be jailed until he complies.


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