WATCH: Chip Roy drops a TRUTH bomb on Democrats in committee hearing


Rep. Chip Roy dropped a truth bomb in a committee hearing today and didn’t hold back.

He began by talking about an experience in his own godfamily where the mother of his godson rejected the advice of a doctor to have an abortion.

Roy said her doctor did a scan of her unborn baby which led them to advise her to have an abortion. But she refused and it turned out the scan was bad.

Because of her courage, Roy said his godson is alive today and he hopes tonight to go see his basketball game tonight.

After expressing another anecdote along the same lines, Roy continued, saying: “This is pretty simple ladies and gentlemen, we believe in protecting all forms of life, the unborn babies. The other side of the aisle does not.”

“That is the simple truth. This is not hard. This is why elections have consequences. We will continue this back and for, but the simple truth is we believe in protecting life. That’s it. Our Democratic colleagues could not even bring themselves to vote for legislation a mere few weeks ago that would protect a child born alive. That is the truth. One Democrat – ONE – voted yes for legislation to ensure that a child born alive would not be left on the table to die rather than seek medical help. So let’s be very clear about this. We’re for life. Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle are not.”

Roy is exactly right. I like to put it in slightly different terms, because what we’re talking about is murdering babies. The radical left Democratic Party and all its members are for murdering babies, unborn or not. ‘Unborn or not’ I say? Yes, for that baby that was born alive from a botched abortion, they are clearly for letting it die on the table. The will not protect its valuable and innocent life.

So what we’re really talking about are monsters. To quote Mark Levin, ‘that’s right I said it’.


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