WATCH: Chris Christie Booed During Speech After Weak Attempt To Attack Trump


Chris Christie gave a speech at a Jewish Coalition event on freedom of speech.

Here, Christie defended the position that free speech is not hate speech.

This is the view that leftists typically take to censor certain language being deemed as hateful speech.

Watch the video here:

Do you think Chris Christie understands that hate speech is protected by free speech?

It doesn’t matter to him whether it’s true or not.

His only goal is to discredit President Trump.

How delusional is Christie that he believes he has any chance against President Trump?

Not just Christie but every Republican candidate.

Breitbart has more on Chris Christie’s pathetic speech:

He warned that the antisemitism on campuses today was not new, and was happening with the “acquiescence” of administrators.

He said that his definition of “America First” began with addressing that problem at home: “America must first fix the problem of antisemitism on our campuses.”

But Christie went on to criticize those in the Republican Party — without naming anyone specifically — who said that “America First” meant abandoning Israel to fight on its own.

When they say “America First,” he said, “What they really mean is America alone.”

When America withdrew from foreign alliances, he said, it left leadership to “the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians. They are the forces of evil. And they are behind the violence that is happening all over the world.”

Leave it to another RINO establishment-loving ‘Republicans’ like Chris Christie to demand that America continue supporting foreign countries.

Not only was the crowd in the audience booing but also the entirety of the internet:


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