WATCH: Chris Christie THREATENS Trump During Bizarre Press Conference


In an interesting press conference on Thursday, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie promised a face-to-face confrontation with former President Donald Trump. However, when and where this showdown will occur remains a mystery, as Christie avoided giving specifics.

“Get ready. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Because if I give him and the Secret Service a tip as to where I’m going to be, it’ll be a lot harder for me to get to him,” said Christie.

“Remember, he’s the only guy walking around with Secret Service protection, okay? So that makes all of this a little more complicated,” he added.

With the primary season on the horizon, Christie still remains low on the GOP totem pole. Trump is the continued clear-cut favorite to be the nominee against Biden, or whoever runs on the Democratic ticket.

“Donald Trump and I will come face-to-face, whether it’s on a debate stage or whether it’s when he’s walking out of a building somewhere,” Christie firmly finished.



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