Watch: Democrats Break Out into ‘Game of Thrones’ Style Temper Tantrum After Schiff Censure Vote


House Democrats threw a fit about the censure of proven liar Adam Schiff for the many untruths he told the American people about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax as well as his unethical prosecution of former President Donald Trump over a valid inquiry into alleged Biden family corruption in Ukraine.

“Democrats throw a 5 minute temper tantrum in the well of the House chamber as the vote to censure Adam Schiff passes, yelling ‘shame’ at Kevin McCarthy and refusing to allow him to finish reading the resolution,” journalist Greg Price noted.

The repeated “shame” chant is reminiscent of the naked “walk of shame” that Queen Cersei Lannister took in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

This is how the Democratic Party reacts to accountability for dishonorable behavior in the U.S. Congress.

On Wednesday night, The House of Representatives has voted in favor of censuring Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) over the many documented untruths that the California Congressman has told the American people.

The House vote broke down into 213 ‘yay’ votes for Republicans, with four voting ‘present’ and 6 ‘no votes,’ while Democrats voted 209 ‘nay’ with 4 ‘no votes.’

As part of the censure procedure, Schiff will stand on the House floor while House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reads a brief rule about the censure.

The effort to censure Schiff, who is currently running for a US Senate seat in California, faced an initial procedural hurdle earlier in the day when a vote to dismiss the legislation failed. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a Florida Republican, spearheaded the effort with a revised measure focusing on Schiff’s role in the Russia probe and his investigations into Trump after a previous attempt she supported did not succeed last week.

The resolution accuses Schiff, who served as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee at the time, of misleading the American public during the congressional investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign. It also criticizes his actions leading up to the former president’s first impeachment. Schiff has dismissed these allegations as “false and defamatory.”

Ahead of the vote on Tuesday, Schiff called the move “a badge of honor” and stated, “They wouldn’t be going after me if they didn’t think I was effective.” He further added that wasting the House’s time on what he considers to be a false and defamatory resolution is a disservice to the country.

During his time as the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff launched a comprehensive investigation into then-President Trump’s finances and the Russia matter. In the course of his investigations, Schiff has made multiple false statements, such as possessing indisputable proof that Donald Trump committed treason by colluding with the Russians.

Additionally, Schiff played a prominent role as the lead House impeachment manager during Trump’s first impeachment, presenting the House’s case for removing him from office during the Senate trial. The Senate ultimately voted to acquit Trump.


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