WATCH: Fani Willis’ Lover Storms Out Of Courtroom During Misconduct Hearing


A high-pressure court hearing over allegations of impropriety by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis erupted on Thursday as the prosecutor she was having an affair with stormed out of a courtroom mid-hearing.

Video of the incident shows special prosecutor Nathan Wade rising and abruptly leaving the courtroom’s side door just as witnesses began to take the stand. Another man followed him out the door.


Judge Scott McAfee is expected to rule whether or not Willis should be disqualified from prosecuting her case against former President Donald Trump, who she has charged with felony racketeering counts related to alleged attempts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results. The attorney for one of Trump’s co-defendants created a legal earthquake after she sought to dismiss Willis from her client’s case, claiming she had evidence that Willis was engaged in a personal relationship with Wade. Since the start of the Trump trial last August, Wade has been paid at least $728,000 to serve as a member of her team, according to media reports.

Terrence Bradley, a former partner to Willis, took the stand and delivered shocking testimony that the National Bar Association had counseled him on how to refrain from answering questions about her.

Telling Judge McAfee that “confidentially applies,” Bradley stated he was told to refrain from answering the questions asked of him and “ask for an immediate review by the Supreme Court.

“But applies to what?” McAfee asked.

“Any communications is what the person at the Bar told us,” he replied. Asked if his conversations with Wade were covered, Bradley was circumspect.

“Well Judge, I don’t know. He didn’t go into those specifics, but this is what I was told.”


For weeks, Willis refused to state whether she was romantically linked to Wade, who was in the midst of an ongoing divorce, alleging racial and political motivations were behind the attacks on her personal life. Only recently did she admit that she is dating Wade, but the admission did little to quell the controversy. Ashley Merchant, the attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, claims witnesses are willing to come forward who will claim that the couple’s relationship has gone back months before the prosecution of Trump began. If true, that would directly contradict a more recent start date alleged by Willis in a sworn affidavit.

State and federal Republicans have launched separate inquiries into Willis and whether her office improperly used taxpayer funds or diverted resources away from other programs to pay for her expansive case against the former president and 18 others.


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