WATCH: Former Capitol Police Chief On Tucker Carlson: J6 “Sounds Like a Set-Up”


The wheels of the deep state are ever-turning, aren’t they?

While the media and certain factions are hell-bent on dissecting every detail of Donald Trump and the events leading up to January 6, it’s almost comical how they miss glaring anomalies.

Anomalies that could, perhaps, point to a different narrative altogether.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund’s recent revelations paint a bewildering picture of the events leading up to that fateful day.

How, just HOW, can agencies as prominent as the FBI and DHS be silent on potential threats to the U.S Capitol, one of the world’s most secure buildings?

Sund’s comments are like the missing puzzle piece that makes the whole picture come into focus.

And let’s be honest, that picture isn’t all sunshine and roses.

“Zero for January 6.”

That’s a statement that should send chills down anyone’s spine.

With multiple reports on intelligence failures, it’s evident that there’s plenty of blame to go around.

But the media’s deafening silence on Sund’s comments is what’s truly eyebrow-raising.

You can watch the full interview with Tucker Carlson below:

Then comes the kicker.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allegedly refusing Sund’s plea for the National Guard’s presence at the Capitol.

A move that has left many scratching their heads.

After all, she’s supposed to be the defender of the house, right?

And yet, when the Capitol was under siege, it took hours for the National Guard to arrive on the scene.

Instead, it appears resources were directed elsewhere, like to the generals’ homes.


Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head: “This sounds like a set up to me.”

It’s hard to dispute when you hear Sund’s account of events.

And while the media is busy creating a spectacle, those who truly care about justice are left wondering if this will be another instance of ‘sweeping under the rug.’

It’s high time to question the motives and moves of those in charge.

If the media won’t do it, then it’s up to us, the people, to demand accountability.

After all, we deserve to know the truth behind the darkest day in recent U.S. history.

According to the Daily Caller:

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund gave his account of what happened during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. Sund, who was present at the Capitol riot, alleged that federal agencies withheld information and warning signs of potential dangers in the days leading up to the riot.

His previous interview with Carlson on his former Fox show never aired.

Sund said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) privately expressed concern of possible violence breaking out during the “Stop the Steal” rally, but did not include this information in their intelligence assessments nor inform Sund of their concerns in order to prevent the violence.

“Think about it. I am the chief of police at the United States Capitol, probably one of the most prominent and should be the most secure building in the United States and the world. You know, you’d like to think of that,” Sund told Carlson. “But when you look at it, and don’t take my word for it, look at, there’s now at least four congressional reports talking about the intelligence failure, IG reports, GAO reports talking about various intelligence failures. But coming into it, you know, think about it. FBI, the Washington Field Office didn’t put out a single document, a single official document specific to January 6.”

“DHS didn’t put out a single official document specific to January 6,” Sund continued. “That’s very unusual. I’ve been through many other events in Washington, D.C. — FBI would host a joint conference call at the least and maybe an executive JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force briefing or, and for all these big events, DHS and FBI would get together and put out something that was called JIB — Joint Intelligence Bulletin. Zero for January 6.”


He said there had even been talk about a possibility of storming the Capitol, killing Capitol police officers and burning down the Supreme Court, which had not been included in any of the federal agencies’ intelligence assessments.

He alleged then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not authorize Sund to bring in the National Guard to arrive at the Capitol despite his pleas.

“It doesn’t seem like people really want to get to the bottom of it,” Sund said. “It really doesn’t. And it just gets worse. It gets worse from there.”


“This sounds like a set up to me,” Carlson told Sund. “I’m sorry, it does.”

It’s like watching a really bad magic show.

You can see the sleight of hand and the misdirection of the Establishment from a mile away.

We’re all looking at the same puzzle, yet some are still trying to fit the wrong pieces in, hoping it’ll magically come together.

But let’s call a spade a spade here.

When details of an event as significant as January 6th don’t add up, eyebrows should raise, voices should question, and the truth should be dug out.

You remember how it went, right?

The media narrative is crystal clear.

Trump’s to blame.

However, it’s fascinating, almost laughable, how certain key details like Trump’s request for the National Guard just so happened to fade into the background.

And when they did surface, the timing was conveniently off. Sund’s account tells a different story.

Let’s focus on the simple facts.

Trump requested the National Guard. Sund did, too.

Both denied.

And during the height of the chaos, Sund had to wait for 71 excruciating minutes to even get a response.

And what of the glaring delay?

Three hours for 1,100 National Guard soldiers to mobilize.

Why so slow?

Why was the response time, for what seemed to be an imminent threat, so woefully inadequate?

Any security expert would raise a red flag, and yet, somehow, this is barely a blip on the mainstream media’s radar.

But hold on, the cherry on top?

The January 6th committee not keeping their records.

Oh, the convenience!

It’s almost poetic.

Not only are we presented with a story riddled with holes, but the supposed gatekeepers of truth and justice aren’t maintaining their records.

It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the discrepancies and the sense that something, somewhere, went terribly wrong.

Newsweek has more details on how this is freaking people out, even if they don’t consider themselves conspiracy theorists:

In the leaked footage, Sund goes on to say that he’s “not a conspiracy theorist” but said it was concerning the way the January 6 attack played out. Sund explained that he was denied National Guard service in advance of the attack and was denied access to National Guard troops for 71 minutes during the attack.

“You’re in a fight, a fight for a couple of minutes wears you out,” he said. “Let me tell you, it wears you out.”

Sund made the request for National Guard troops at approximately 1 p.m. on January 6. However, he did not hear back until 71 minutes later. It took more than three hours after Sund’s request for 1,100 National Guard soldiers to be mobilized, according to a report by NPR.

We’re not asking for a conspiracy theory, just the simple truth.

And if some elements of the media won’t shine a light on it, then maybe it’s time we grabbed our flashlights.

Because as more details emerge, the current narrative is starting to look more fiction than fact.


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