WATCH: Gaetz Offers To Take One For The Team In Exchange For Jordan As Speaker


In a drama-filled turn on Friday, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) made a bold declaration, stating, “We are willing to accept censure, sanction, suspension, and removal in order to see Jordan as Speaker.

“If what these holdouts need is a pound of our flesh, we’re willing to give it to them to see Jordan as Speaker.”

This comes amidst the tumultuous backdrop of Congressman Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) third bid for the Speaker of the House seat.

House Republicans are set to convene in a private session in the basement to discuss future strategies.

Jordan’s ambition to secure the coveted position is hanging by a thread as an increasing number of fellow Republicans have chosen to cast their votes against him. The list of dissenting Republicans has now grown to 25, surpassing the initial “Swampy 22” who had opposed him just a day prior. Among the notable dissenters are Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Rep. Marc Molinari (R-NY), who have thrown their support behind other candidates.

Internal reports suggest that a recent meeting between Jordan and the dissenting Republicans did not conclude on a positive note. The overarching sentiment is that Jordan’s chances of becoming Speaker are now dwindling rapidly.

Gaetz’s recent statements have shown urgency and extreme desperation within the GOP ranks. He talked yesterday about the importance of electing a Speaker, explaining, “I believe it is a constitutional desecration to not elect a Speaker of the House. We need to stay here until we elect a Speaker.”

The New York Times reported:

What happens next is unclear.

There is no consensus among Republicans about an alternative candidate to Mr. Jordan, who has yet to show any inclination to drop out of the race. Hopes have dimmed for a temporary solution that would give Representative Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina, who is acting as speaker pro tempore, the authority to run the House for a few months. The ideological and personal divisions that have flared in recent days show no signs of abating.

The unending discord among the chamber’s Republicans only appeared more consequential as President Biden asked Congress to take up a $105 billion package that would provide security assistance to Ukraine and Israel in the midst of wars there while also giving more money to Taiwan and an infusion of funds to help deter migration across the border with Mexico.

The House has been in a state of chaos for 18 days after hard-right rebels ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The Republican conference’s initial nominee to succeed him, Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, failed to muster enough support to move forward. Mr. Jordan then received his party’s nomination to be speaker, but he failed to win the post in votes by the full House on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Democrats have perceived both the “Jordan speakership” and ongoing disarray within the House Republicans as undermining American faith in governance.

It’s so sad,” remarked Andy Kim of New Jersey. “They have a lot of real existential problems over there. But in the meantime, it’s the country that’s hurting.”


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