WATCH: Gen. Flynn Shares Heart Touching Story About Trump


A resurfaced video of General Flynn sharing a story about President Trump just shows why Trump is the people’s president.

In the video Flynn shared that one time while getting on a plane in New York when it was raining cats and dogs, Trump took the time to thanks two workers on the tarmacs.

While other members of Trump’s admin hurried in the plane and attempted to not get their hair wet, Trump stole out in the cold rain and gave the two workers on the Tarmac a tip and thanked them for their service.

Watch Flynn share the story here:

Trump has many stories like this.

In 2017, Trump went viral for retrieving a Marine’s hat that was blown off the marine’s head as he was guarding Marine One at Joint Base Andrews.

Watch here:

The CNN reporter couldn’t even deny Trump’s good deed.

Per ABC News:

The latest President Trump moment lighting up the twitterspehere isn’t a social gaffe nor an awkward moment with another world leader.

Instead, it’s video of the president retrieving a Marine’s hat that was blown off the service member’s head as he guards Marine One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where the president arrived Saturday on Air Force One after attending the G-20 summit in Germany.

As Trump approaches Marine One, he bends down to pick up the hat and places it back on the Marine’s head and pats him on his arm.

But the wind immediately blows the hat away again, prompting the president to chase the hat down. As Trump boards Marine One, he gives the hat to another military official, who places it on the Marine’s head.


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