WATCH: George Stephanopoulos Stunned At New Poll Showing Trump With Huge Lead Over Biden


ABC News host and former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos appeared shellshocked while reporting a new ABC/Washington Post poll giving former President Donald Trump a clear 7-point lead over President Joe Biden.

“This poll is just brutal for President Biden,” said Stephanopoulos as analyst Rick Klein broke down the numbers showing Biden trailing Trump 42 to 49 percent. The poll also detailed a record-low approval rating and “deep skepticism” of Biden’s leadership within his own Democratic party: just 36 percent of Democrats want Biden to be the party’s nominee while 56 percent would prefer someone else.


Since winning the 2020 election against President Trump, President Biden has seen key voter demographics sway against him. Independent voters, a bloc he carried by 13 points, now oppose him by nine points while support among Black voters has fallen to +35 percent from +75 percent in 2020.

“In modern politics, that is not the kind of number Democrats need to be victorious,” said Klein. “That tells us at this very early stage, George, that this race is shaping up a lot more about the incumbent President Joe Biden than it is about any of his challengers.”

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, another potential Republican challenger, enjoyed a six-point lead over President Biden, the poll showed President Trump enjoying a 23-point lead over his nascent competitor for the Republican nomination.

Inflation and interest rates have ticked higher in recent years, causing President Biden’s approval numbers to inversely plummet as voters place the blame for a poor economy squarely on his shoulders. Should President Trump secure the Republican Party’s nomination, as currently expected, he will certainly contrast his virile, pre-Covid economy with that of his successor.

The president has drawn two challengers within his own party thus far, though neither is expected to seriously hamper his reelection bid. Marianne Williamson, a self-help guru, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the nephew of President John F. Kennedy Jr., are both running for the Democratic Party’s nomination.


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