WATCH: GOP Lawmaker Sounds Alarm, All J6 Committee Records And Videos Mysteriously VANISH


You have to be kidding me with this one, how is this alright by any measure?

Democrats made a giant show about the events of January 6th and the sham January 6th Committee that followed, some are still clinging to this nonsense today.

Would it surprise you then to learn that they kept none of the depositions, videos, and tapes from this incredible defense of ‘democracy’?

That’s right. According to Rep. Barry Loudermilk, all of these materials have mysteriously vanished without a trace.

Remember that Democrats planned on using much of this material in some anti-Trump sizzle video they planned to release to the public at a strategic time.

Democrats prize this material, perhaps even more than they prize the transgender lobby, so where did all of this crucial evidence go?

Moreover, committees and governing bodies are required to keep such documents and evidence on hand, the law requires it. Where are all these records? Several days ago, Rep. Barry Loudermilk asked Just The News:

“After prompting the White House and DHS to return interview transcripts of several White House and U.S. Secret Service officials on J6, we received hundreds of pages of heavily redacted documents from the WH and NOTHING from DHS. What are Bennie Thompson, the WH, and DHS hiding?”

Rep. Loudermilk went on: “Democrats’ star witness Cassidy Hutchinson’s significant changes to her testimony raise serious questions about her credibility and the information she provided to the J6 Select Committee.”

Rep. Loudermilk had more questions for Just The News:

The documents “belong to the House. They should have never been sent. And second of all, do not send them back to me this heavily redacted. Those are our documents,” the chairman said.

“But my question is, why was it okay for a Democrat-run House of Representatives to have unredacted documents but not when there’s a Republican committee that’s looking into this.

What is it that the committee and or the White House is trying to hide?”

Journalist Julie Kelly explained: “In a letter that Bennie Thompson, former chair of J6 committee, sent to Rep. Barry Loudermilk in July, he claimed the committee had no obligation to preserve the recorded depositions. This represents destruction of evidence in two investigations: DOJ and Congress.”

Newsmax told readers:

While the missing videos may affect Loudermilk’s investigation, they may also affect the criminal proceedings in Washington, D.C., and in Georgia, where former President Donald Trump and his associates are being prosecuted for crimes stemming from Jan. 6, 2021.


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