WATCH: Governor DeSantis Blasts Bud Light Amid Transgender Controversy – ‘I Think Pushback Is In Order’


On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) joined the ‘Benny Johnson Show’ where the two discussed the recent controversy regarding beer company Bud Light pushing transgender Dylan Mulvaney onto its consumers thus resulting in a massive boycott.

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Bud Light has attempted to conduct damage control after the company lost billions of dollars in market cap after conservatives stood up against the company. While it has attempted to apologize and make excuses about senior leadership not knowing about the partnership, Americans are sticking to their guns.

Gov. DeSantis, who has made a name for himself going after woke companies, had a number of harsh things to say about the beer company.

“Why would you want to drink Bud Light? I mean like honestly that’s like them running our face in it,” the governor explained. “These companies that do this if they never have any response they are just going to keep doing it.”

“So if you as a consumer are like…’yeah they’re doing that but I’m just going to keep drinking it anyways,’ well then they are just going to keep doing it. So I think we have power as consumers to make our voice heard,” the governor said. “Not on every company because sometimes conservative consumers aren’t going to make a dent in some companies. This one, if you don’t have conservative beer drinkers, you’re going to feel that.”

“I think it’s a righteous thing. You know some of these controversies they come up and people can kind of just say ‘oh well it’s kind of a one off. Yeah it was stupid to do.’ But it’s part of a larger thing where corporate America is trying to change our country,” he stated. “Trying to change policy. Trying to change culture. I would rather be governed by We The People rather than by woke companies.”

“So I think pushback is in order across the board including with Bud Light,” the Florida Republican added.

DeSantis then went on to say that he would not be drinking Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch beers in the future and instead be opting for Guiness.


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