WATCH: Hidden Science? One Spec Ops Veteran Shares His Encounter


Dr. Steven Greer’s UFO symposium revealed some pretty incredible things relating to UFOs, reverse engineering efforts and hidden technologies.

As part of the panel of military and military contractor witnesses, D.C. Long, a former special forces operator shared his harrowing account of a deep black project he witnessed and the aftermath that followed.

Long and his father were military contractors who specialized in helping to build and renovate military facilities.

During one of these projects in an underground facility, Long claimed to have seen the impossible—stone slabs that weighed hundreds of tonnes suspended in mid-air and apparently weightless.

He went on to describe the giant monoliths as having a device affixed to the top and absolutely no noise coming from the levitating stone slab and boulders he was witnessing, though there was, what he described, as an intense vibration.

According to Long, one of the scientists was spinning around one of these slabs in the air with virtually no effort.

What followed after Long and his father left the facility I’ll leave it to Long to explain in his own words.

D.C. Long revealed his testimony to the world on Monday, June 12, 2023. In case the video doesn’t load correctly, Long’s testimony begins at 1:46:48.

D.C. Long also sat down to speak to retired Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan on an episode of the Shawn Ryan Show and revealed even more of his fascinating story.

The Debrief reports that scientists have recently made breakthroughs in acoustic levitation technology:

Scientists with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have developed a method that helps to fine-tune the control of particles using ultrasonic waves according to new research, which they say expands our understanding of the field of acoustic levitation.

The levitation of objects, once a phenomenon seen only in science fiction and fantasy, now represents a field in acoustics with practical applications in multiple research areas, industries, and even among hobbyists.

Artist renditions of the floating monoliths and the frequency levitation devices were provided as part of Long’s harrowing testimony.

Popular science and technology account Science Girl shared a working example of an acoustic levitation device, presumably made by a civilian.

IFL Science explained that a similar, related technology is also in the works:

Using 3D levitation, scientists can create incredible displays that can be touched and experienced without an augmented reality headset, but the issue of interference needs to be addressed before that can become possible.

A physical object’s interference can interrupt the intricate field of acoustic waves needed to make an object float, and this would likely not mix well with the public viewing the display.


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