WATCH: Hilarious Trick-Or-Treater Dresses Up As Biden, Draws Laughs From Neighbors


A few trick-or-treaters had fun at President Joe Biden’s expense Tuesday night, dressing up a friend who playacted their way through his stumbling, confused mannerisms at the door of one person handing out candy to the neighborhood.

A video of the playacting, which has since gone viral on X, shows several “Secret Service” agents aiding Old Joe as he shuffles his way to the front door, candy bag in hand, and attempts to ring the doorbell. He didn’t quite make it, however, tripping over the front step and nearly taking a spill as bad as his infamous fall at an Air Force graduation earlier this summer.

Judging by the laughter of the residents at the front door, the ensemble was a hit.


Even the younger generation got in some laughs at Biden’s expense, reenacting his complete fall with a spill into the grass. Some youthful special agents came to his rescue as well.


While humorous, the viral hits provide insight into just how universally known it is believed that President Biden is too old for office. Upwards of 70 percent of Americans believe he cannot handle the rigors of a second term, polls which White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has attempted to wave off with empty talking points. Even former allies of the president believe his time has passed, and on Monday Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN) launched a challenge against Biden for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

The White House is keenly aware of the optics and has adjusted the president’s daily dress and schedule to be more accommodating of his age. President Biden now wears special dressy sneakers outfitted with super grip soles to prevent slippage, and he has taken to regularly using a small auxiliary set of stairs to board Air Force One. The changes come after President Biden took some infamous tumbles while boarding the presidential aircraft.


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