Watch: How Ivermectin Kills Parasites On Video!


I know we’ve all HEARD a lot about Ivermectin, but have you SEEN it at work?

This is for all the visual learners out there.

So fascinating!

Watch this:

And here:

So why does the FDA hate it so much?

I’ll explain….

I’m also happy to explain a massive win we just got!

A 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just told the FDA what we told all of you back in 2020….

The FDA is NOT your doctor!

The FDA is NOT looking out for your best interest.

Just like the SEC does not exist to “protect investors” (it exists to protect JP Morgan and all the big boys), the FDA does not exist to “protect your health” (it exists to pad BigPharma with huge profits).

We knew it before 2020, but it’s really clear as day now.

But finally a Court of Appeals gave the FDA the beatdown it has been begging for, in part over that ridiculously stupid “You are not a horse” ad the FDA ran.

Why doesn’t the FDA want you taking Ivermectin?

Or Hydroxycholoquine?


Because they are CHEAP and Generic and there’s no profit in them for BigPharma.

This was so glorious to see:

Now read that Tweet again very carefully….

Look at the text under the article headline.

Ivermectin can be LETHAL?


I have not seen ANY evidence of ANY study saying Ivermectin can be lethal, not even in high doses.

In fact, what I have seen is tons of research saying it’s safer than Aspirin!

I have also seen it won a Nobel Prize.

Not only did the FDA lie to you, they cooked up a WHOPPER!

Even Bill Maher knows how BS the FDA is, and knows Ivermectin is powerful and safe — he basically says everything I just typed in this clip below:

Joe Rogan then took it a step farther to explain that in order for them to get the Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccines, they could not have ANY OTHER REMEDY that worked!

That was vital.

So they had to kill Ivermectin if they wanted to (kill you) with the vaccines!

Masks didn’t work, “social distancing” didn’t work…..

What did?


Safe and effective:

Trust the (real) science:

Doctors should decide the standard of care (without threat or coercion)….not the FDA!

This next one is fascinating….

Watch how it works on video:

Ivermectin — safe and efficient and a Nobel Prize winner since 1970s!

And of course now they are trying to revise history:


Crimes against Humanity, plain and simple!!!!!!

Can Ivermectin even help you regain your lost taste and smell?

Some say yes:


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