WATCH: “I Sold A Lot Of State Secrets,” Biden’s Joke Raises Eyebrows


Last week, during a meeting with Prime Minister Modi of the Republic of India, along with senior officials and CEOs of technology companies, Joe Biden made a remark that has stirred up controversy, casually joking about selling state secrets.

“I was just thinking, anyway, I started off without you… and I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things that we shared,” he mumbled.

The statement has raised eyebrows among those who believe that the President’s words, even though maybe seen as a joke by some, are in fact true.


The meeting was intended to foster technological cooperation between the two nations. While Biden did discuss issues, his opening remarks have been the focus of attention, overshadowing the intended message of the meeting. Joe seems to have found a novel way to reduce the national debt – selling state secrets!



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