WATCH: Janet Yellen Makes SHOCKING Admission That The ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act Had A Hidden Agenda


Janet Yellen admitted the Inflation Reduction Act was an economic opportunity, not for Americans, but for these leftists and their agenda.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is, at its core, about turning the climate crisis into an economic opportunity,“ Janet Yellen said.

Biden and his crew used it as an opportunity to eliminate our energy independence. The Biden government then created the energy crisis. That led to the inflation crisis. The administration then convinced our stupid politicians to pass a bill that served as a vehicle to turn the climate crisis into their idea of an economic opportunity.

These people are turning our economy socialist.

Jack Posobiec said President Joe Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ was secretly brought to you by the oligarch Bill Gates after he lobbied with politicians like Joe Manchin to pass the massive spending bill.

So, instead of listening to the American people, he listened to Bill Gates. The oligarch got the bill passed.

The inflation act was supposed to stop inflation, yet it made it much worse, and everyone is getting poorer. Joe Manchin is now angry about the changing rules and regulations, as if we didn’t know this would happen.

He should have known it would happen.


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