WATCH: Jen Psaki Unknowingly Calls Biden A WAR CRIMINAL


In 2022, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said it’s a war crime for Russian to use cluster bombs.

Now flash forward to 2023, and the Biden administration is now providing cluster bombs to Ukrainians.

In a recent interview Biden stated it was “a very difficult decision on my part” to send cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Watch Biden and Psaki’s contradiction here:

Now compare what Psaki said to Biden’s recent statement:

RFK Jr. pointed out the hypocrisy:

Here’s what BBC reported:

The US will send Ukraine a cluster munitions package to help in its counteroffensive against Russia.

The White House said it had postponed the decision for as long as it could because of the risk of civilian harm from such unexploded ordnance.

Ukraine has been asking for the weapons for months amid an ammunition shortage.

Cluster munitions – which are banned by more than 100 countries – are a class of weapon that contain multiple explosive bomblets called submunitions.

US President Joe Biden said in a cable TV interview that it was “a very difficult decision on my part” to send the bombs.

“I discussed this with our allies,” he told CNN, “I discussed this with our friends up on the [Capitol] Hill.”

CNN described what cluster munition is:

Cluster munitions, also called cluster bombs, are canisters that carry tens to hundreds of smaller bomblets, also known as submunitions. The canisters can be dropped from aircraft, launched from missiles or fired from artillery, naval guns or rocket launchers.

The canisters break open at a prescribed height, depending upon the area of the intended target, and the bomblets inside spread out over that area. They are fused by a timer to explode closer to or on the ground, spreading shrapnel that is designed to kill troops or take out armored vehicles such as tanks.


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