WATCH: Journalist Dragged Out Of Hillary’s Speech For Asking About Epstein Island


A journalist was forcefully removed from a Hillary Clinton event after posing questions related to former President Bill Clinton’s trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

In the video, journalist Alex Rosen can be heard questioning, “Hey Hillary, why did your husband visit Epstein’s island 26 times?” in an apparent reference to flight logs reportedly associating Bill Clinton with Epstein’s island. Almost immediately, security personnel intervened.

Rosen repeatedly asks if the forceful removal is necessary, exclaiming, “Is this really necessary? Is this really necessary guys? Is this really necessary? Is this really necessary sir? Is this necessary officer? You guys are dragging a grown man. Is this necessary?”

The crowd, gathered to support Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) run for Houston mayor, was none too pleased about the disruption.

As he continues to be escorted out, Rosen makes additional remarks, expressing his frustration with the government’s spending policies and criticizing Clinton’s stance on foreign aid. “Why do you guys support just endless government spending? I mean, she’s giving more money to white people in Ukraine than you freaking idiots in Tunisia,” he remarks.



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