WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene NUKES Eric Swalwell With BRUTAL Truth Bomb


On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) humiliated Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) during a committee hearing that left Democrats scrambling to strike her attack from the official congressional record.

The hearing revolved around Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who was in front of Congress to justify his agency’s budget.

The now-viral moment begins with Rep. Swalwell completing his questioning of Mayorkas before Rep. Greene is given time by the chairman.

“That was quite entertaining from someone that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy and everyone knows it,” Greene said before being interrupted.

The House Democrats swiftly asked for Greene’s words to be stricken from the record.

Swalwell was found to have close ties with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang back in 2020.

The security risk posed by Swalwell was so drastic that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threw him off the House Intelligence Committee in January.

“I was very clear early on. Let me phrase something very direct to you. If you got the briefing that I got from the FBI, you wouldn’t have Swalwell on any committee,” McCarthy explained at the time. “And you’re going to tell me that other Democrats couldn’t fill that slot. He cannot get a security clearance in the private sector.”

“So would you like to give him a government clearance?” McCarthy asked hypothetically. “Not only was he getting a clearance, he was inside an Intel Committee. He had more information than the majority of all the members. Did you ever raise that issue? No, but you should have.”

Once again it seems like Swalwell’s indecent past is catching up to him and his relationship with a Chinese spy is something that he likely will never be able to get away from.


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