WATCH: Matt Gaetz Fact Checks CNN Reporter In REAL-TIME


Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida fact-checked CNN reporter Abby Phillip in real-time.

It all went down after Phillip falsely claimed that Gaetz voted against the House Defense Appropriations rule this week.

In response to Phillip’s claim, Gaetz stated “No, I didn’t.”

Gaetz continued “Abby this will be a very embarrassing moment when the internet corrects you on this, I voted for the defense rule both times.”

Watch Gaetz here:

The bill Gaetz voted in favor for was H.Res712.

Here are some more details about the House Resolution:

H.Res.712 – Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4365) making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2024, and for other purposes; providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1130) to repeal restrictions on the export and import of natural gas; and providing for consideration of the resolution (H. Res. 684) condemning the actions of Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, for subverting the Second Amendment to the Constitution and depriving the citizens of New Mexico of their right to bear arms.

In recent month’s, Gaetz has been one of the biggest voices calling out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Per Politico:

Just hours after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suffered his latest humiliating defeat on the House floor Thursday, a surprising visitor showed up at his office: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

Now Gaetz — McCarthy’s most hostile and persistent critic — wakes up the next morning as the architect of the House GOP’s newest legislative strategy.

“The House has really abandoned the McCarthy CR strategy today and has embraced the Matt Gaetz strategy of single-subject spending bills,” Gaetz boasted Thursday night on the Timcast podcast.


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