WATCH: Maui Residents Let Joe Biden Know How They Really Feel


Joe Biden never met a domestic crisis that he didn’t ignore…

He has never put American interests before anything.

This includes his own self-interests abroad, as well as his son’s.

Joe was finally forced to acknowledge the destructive damage done in Maui and the residents who have suffered.

It was too little too late as far as the locals were concerned.

Check out the reception they gave Biden after he finally decided to show up:

They clearly love you here Joe:..

Let me ask everyone an honest question here…

Does this look or sound like a guy who gives a damn to any of you:?

It’s okay because Joe Biden knows exactly what Maui residents are going through…

Watch as he embellishes a kitchen fire he once had:

What is honestly wrong with this man?

Does he have zero actual empathy or understanding for everyone’s suffering?


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