WATCH: O’Keefe Media Group Announces New Partnership


The O’Keefe Media Group has announced a new partnership to protect former journalists of the now-defunct Project Veritas.

Investigative journalists James O’Keefe, Eric Cochran, and Spencer Meads were all raided by the FBI over the infamous Ashley Biden diary and have been embroiled in a legal battle ever since.

Project Veritas is no longer providing the necessary support for O’Keefe and his fellow journalists. This spurred them to enter into a partnership with the non-profit legal defense organization Private Citizen.

The O’Keefe Media Group announced on Thursday:

“James O’Keefe, Eric Cochran, Spencer Meads, the three former Project Veritas journalists raided by the FBI regarding the Ashley Biden Diary – announce they are teaming up with the nonprofit legal defense fund, Private Citizen.

This comes on the heels of Project Veritas announcing it is no longer indemnifying the three journalists. Private Citizen needs to raise money to pay our legal defense bills with the FBI raid since PV spent the millions and millions of dollars O’Keefe Raised.”

Wall Street Apes shared this video from the now-defunct Project Veritas of an alleged phone call with Ashley Biden regarding her diary.

Breitbart reported last year:

Ashley Biden had reportedly left her diary at the home of a friend before it was sold to Project Veritas. As Breitbart News previously reported, the FBI raided O’Keefe’s private residence in November 2021, looking for clues.

O’Keefe said that Project Veritas was not involved in any theft, and obtained the diary legally.

James O’Keefe stated late last month: “The ACLU defended me in the FBI raid of my home over Ashley Biden’s Diary. There are some things more important than politics. We need a coalition of lawyers willing to do what’s right over money.”

Law And Crime provided an update for the ongoing case earlier this year:

The Department of Justice’s seizure of materials from the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and other staffers does not threaten First Amendment freedoms or journalistic privilege, a special master ruled on Tuesday.

“This is not a situation where the Government is deputizing Petitioners to do its investigative work for it; the Government is investigating Petitioners,” former federal judge Barbara Jones noted in a 21-page report and recommendation.


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