WATCH: Republican Destroys Alvin Bragg With One Simple Question


A hearing on the Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan yesterday produced shocking testimonials from the witnesses on the Manhattan District Attorney’s failed soft-on-crime policies.

Freshman Congressman Russell Fry (R-SC) expounded on the essence of the hearings when he noted in his tweet that “Who benefits more in New York City? Law-abiding citizens or criminals? From what we heard today — there’s no question it’s criminals.”

Attached to this tweet was a video of him going into the problems that New York City faced and how the prosecutorial authorities did not seem to care. The Palmetto State Congressman said that a New York City cab driver informed him that “this city has changed…he immediately started talking about the crime. It has gotten so bad. It is out of control [said the tax driver].”

Mr. Fry assured “the good people of New York” that they were being heard and that he wanted to hear from them. He noted that District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office had touted the city as “the safest big city in America but that it was a political stunt.” Fry then proceeded to list data that he claimed was from the New York Police Department. He noted that in Bragg’s first year in the office (in 2022) alone “rapes were up 7 percent, felony assaults rose 13 percent, robberies spiked 26 percent, burglaries are up 23 percent, grand larceny is up 26 percent, auto theft has risen 23 percent- 170,000 felonies in New York City in 2022 alone. The most since 2006.”

Mr. Fry pinned the rise in crime on progressive policies like the elimination of cash bail, the selective prosecution of crimes, the defunding of the New York police, and other such measures. He continued by noting that “52 percent of felony charges are downgraded to misdemeanors in this District Attorney’s office. The highest number in years.” After railing off more damning statistics of the poor policies of Alvin Bragg, he turned to the witnesses and asked “Who benefits more in New York City? Law-abiding citizens or criminals?”

Witness Madeline Brame stated her opinion, saying, “Absolutely, the criminals. 100 percent.” The other witnesses agreed. One stated solemnly that “unfortunately, it is the criminals who are getting all the perks.”

The response to such testimonies by Democratic officialdom seems to echo the words of Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) who called the witnesses “props in a MAGA Broadway production.” This comment by Mr. Johnson was immediately challenged by many in the room among the audience.  One witness said back “Please don’t talk down to us witnesses please.” Another witness, Mrs. Brame, told him “You work for us. We do not work for you!”

When Madeline Brame was later interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News and he asked her whether she was a prop, she proclaimed that “I would challenge this gentleman, whatever his name is – Hank Johnson – to step one foot in the hood.” She, a black woman, also called Mr. Johnson “a rich black man” who did not care for the plight suffered by the lower classes.

Mrs. Brame reiterated that “Real people are affected by this, Alvin Bragg dismissed both murder and gang assault indictments against two people. One is currently walking the street amongst us… They brutally ambushed and butchered my son to death nine times and then turned and butchered his father 12 times when he tried to come to his aid.”

Another Democrat congressman Daniel Goldman called the hearing “a charade.” Mr. Goldman, it is reported, worked with Alvin Bragg in 2021 and 2022 to “devise new ways to sabotage Trump” and has been a braggart to reporters by saying “how he’s going to disrupt and derail Hunter Biden probes.”

The same journalist, Paul Sperry, who identified Goldman’s connection with Bragg, explained in a Twitter post how “Desperate to fend off GOP attacks on his soft crime record, DA Alvin Bragg has sent Congress 2 reports he claims prove crime is down, but one is MoneyGeek report measuring ‘cost of crime,’ not actual crime, and the other shows NY lagging behind L.A., Chicago and SF in safety.”

As Alvin Bragg continues to go after Donald Trump, he leaves New Yorkers, those he is supposed to serve, suffering. He should focus on tackling crime in his own city rather than pursuing the politicized persecution of the 45th president.


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