WATCH: Republicans BLAST Alejandro Mayorkas For The Border Crisis, Leaves Him Speechless – ‘Mr. Secretary, You Ought To Resign!’


On Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified to Congress in regard to the budget of his agency. During the hearing, Republicans blasted Mayorkas for his lackluster performance as DHS secretary and the open border policies that he supports.

“You are failing miserably,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) began. “Four to five million people. 1.4 million unknown getaways.”

“We have no idea who those people are, what kind of security they risk,” the Republican explained. “You’re not giving me any stats whatsoever as to the number of people who are human trafficked, how many young girls are sex trafficked.”

“You don’t even have a clue. You won’t even answer how many dead bodies, which is very well documented, are at the border,” he said. “Do you not care? Do you not just have an ounce of human compassion for what your open border policy, the time of human depravations are causing.”

“You just sit there with a blank look on your face and yet you are saying that it’s a priority,” Johnson continued. “If it’s a priority, how did we let four to five million people in this country, in a little more than two years, four to five million people. The population of almost 30 states. And you are saying this is a priority. Mr. Secretary, you ought to resign!”

Mayorkas responded by stating that Johnson was mischaracterizing his agency’s work on the border and that he mischaracterized DHS’s efforts to combat human trafficking.

Other Republicans also lambasted Mayorkas for his abysmal failure along the Rio Grande, with Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) saying that Mayokras is failing his oath to protect the homeland and his failure to follow the laws passed by Congress.

“You have not secured our border, Mr. Secretary. And I think you have done so intentionally. There is no other explanation for the systematic dismantling and transformation of our border into a lawless and dangerous open border,” Green said.

Biden administration has reportedly lost track of up to 85,000 migrant children over the past two years thanks to the millions of migrants who are crossing the border every year.

Mayorkas deserves the lambasting he is getting in Congress and Republicans should do everything in their power to hold him accountable for his purposeful failure.


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