WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Goes Off, Says Indictment Makes Trump “More Powerful Than Any Man In American History”


While speaking with Jack Posobiec, Sebastian Gorka said that the indictment of Donald Trump will backfire against the Democrats like never before.

“He will not be fingerprinted and cuffed in Manhattan,” he began. “What is the one big take-home, Jack? With this indictment President Trump’s mantra his platform among everything else that the deep state is real and Has to be destroyed has just been empirically Demonstrated we now have as of nine minutes ago the proof that the deep state Exists and the person they are most afraid of is my former boss and the person they are most afraid of is my former boss.”

“So, you know, on a strategic scale, look, on a tactical scale, we know why they did it because they detest this man, they must destroy him. On a strategic level, they’ve probably made him more powerful than any man in American history,” he concluded.


Stay tuned for more on this developing story…


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