WATCH: The NEXT “Sound Of Freedom”? Don’t Miss It!


I am far more excited about this upcoming film release than “Sound of Freedom.”

Don’t get me wrong, “Sound of Freedom” was a great film, but it’s a dramatized film based off of real events—I prefer documentaries about mysterious phenomena.

This is exactly what Angel Studios, the same studio that gave us “Sound of Freedom“, is bringing us with its latest film.

“After Death” will be a documentary film that explores near-death experiences through first-hand accounts and well-presented research.

The official “After Death” movie page featured this synopsis:

The After Death movie by Angel Studios explores the ultimate mystery of what happens after we die from the perspective of individuals who have visited and studied the realm beyond.

The unique piece uses first-person accounts, careful research, scientific knowledge, and philosophy to paint a fascinating picture of life in the next realm.

In the vein of movies like Case for Heaven and Heaven is for Real, Angel Studios’ After Death makes a courageous venture into a hotly debated and inherently mysterious subject by comparing near-death experiences with cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

The movie features experts in the fields of science, philosophy, and medicine, each with unique insight into the phenomenon of the near-death experience.

These nationally known individuals—some of whom have been spotlighted by NBC, TEDx, BBC, National Geographic, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

I don’t know about you, but I have always found this topic incredibly interesting. It is one of the most important questions and elusive mysteries in life—right alongside the question of extraterrestrial existence.

The official After Death movie account claimed: “Many skeptics suggest that near-death experiences take place solely in the brain. We asked the experts, and their research suggests something much more spectacular.”

Daily Caller provided some details on the upcoming film:

While no two near-death experiences are the same, they do seem to have a very “consistent process,” an individual tells the camera.

The start of the process is an out-of-body experience before our souls arrive at a place of “exquisite beauty.”

But not all near-death experiences are good ones. Some people have “Hellish” experiences … and they sound absolutely horrifying.


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