(WATCH) This Can Be Your Response Whenever Someone Says to Trust Media or ‘Experts’


Whenever someone tells you to trust mainstream news or the ‘experts,’ this Ireland news report is a perfect response to that sentiment.

A media outlet and local astrophysics enthusiast went crazy about a “mysterious hole on a beach” in North Dublin and thought it possibly was the aftermath of a “cosmic event.”

“It’s a huge, mysterious crater that looks out of this world, but is it? The unusual hole on Portmarnock Beach stopped local astrophysics enthusiast Dave Kennedy in his tracks,” Hannah Murphy of Virgin Media News said.

“He’s certain the small but heavy rock inside it came from up above,” she added.

“You can tell by here there’s a scorch mark on this side here,” Kennedy explained about the rock.

“That would have been at the angle that it came down at. And it is weighty. I’m not sure of its composition, but we’re definitely going to have to find out,” he continued.

“The striking hole soon caught the attention of passersby. Many hoping that what they’re witnessing is the aftermath of a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event,” Murphy said.

What was this “once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event”?

It turns out a couple of buddies dug a hole on a beach.

That’s it.


After the learning about the man-made hole on the beach, Virgin Media News corrected their earlier reporting on the ‘cosmic event.’

“The mystery of the hole on a north Dublin beach has apparently been solved – denting the hopes of a local space enthusiast, who had hoped it was the site of a meteor strike,” the outlet wrote.

Daily Mail reports:

When an astrophysics enthusiast stumbled across a huge crater on a beach in Ireland yesterday, he was ecstatic at the thought of it being a huge scientific discovery.

With an abandoned ‘meteorite’ in hand, Dave Kennedy claimed to others it had come from ‘up above’ and the hole was the ‘aftermath of a cosmic event’ on Portmarnock beach in County Dublin.

Unfortunately, the cosmic event turned out to have been two young men digging a hole in the sand during Saturday’s heatwave.

The hole had prompted serious speculation, with astrophysics enthusiasts debating the depth of the indents in the sand which might link it to a celestial event.

Also found was a small but heavy rock inside the crater – sparking further debate as to whether it was a meteorite.

The whole fiasco is a fantastic lesson why you should always be skeptical of what’s on the news.

This X post perfectly sums up the event.

“lads I’m in bits. Virgin Media news is after reporting on a hole on portmarnnock beach that ‘Could be the aftermath of a cosmic event’. Some fellas literally dug it the day before with a kid’s shovel. The way your man was talking about the rock being an asteroid had me in tears,” X account spochadóir wrote.


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