WATCH: Trump Attorney Says Biden DOJ Will Block Requests For Televised Trial


John Lauro, an attorney representing former President Donald Trump, told Fox News that while the legal team welcomes a televised trial, the Biden DOJ is likely to block those efforts.

“Would you be ok — with the president’s support — a televised trial?” asked Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream. “I mean it would have to go through all kinds of hoops and rule changes and those types of things, but let the American people see every minute of it and decide for themselves?”

“I personally would love to see that,” Lauro replied. “But I’m convinced that the Biden Administration does not want the American people to see the truth.”

“And they acted on it by filing this protective order, which is an effort to keep important information about this case from the press,” he continued. “I’m shocked actually that all the networks haven’t lined up and filed pleadings objected to this very broad attempt by the Biden Administration to keep information away from the American people during the election season. The American people have a right to know.”

“Of course, Joe Biden doesn’t want that to happen,” Lauro added.

Special Counsel Jack Smith filed a protective order against the former president less than one week after handing down the indictment, pointing to a number of Trump’s Truth Social posts. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan — an Obama appointee who has issued some of the harshest sentences in January 6 cases — gave the former president just two days to respond to the order. He must respond by Monday.

Smith has pointed to a post from the former president in which he wrote, “if you come after me, I’m coming after you” in seeking the order, which would bar the Trump legal team from sharing crucial information about the case with the press.

“The point is that we will not agree to keeping information that’s not sensitive from the press … and the American people in a campaign season have a right to know what the evidence is, in this case, provided that this evidence is not protected otherwise,” Lauro said during an appearance on CNN. “So we’re gonna oppose it as we have, but for whatever reason, these lawyers on the prosecution team want to keep that from the press.”


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