WATCH: Trump Literally Pulls Out The Receipts And Fact Checks CNN Host In Real Time During Town Hall Event


Former President Donald Trump pulled out a sheet of paper and fact-checked CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins in real time during a town hall event in New Hampshire.

Collins accused Trump of encouraging his supporters to “attack” the Capitol on January 6 before claiming that Trump did not tell them to go home until three hours after violence erupted.

“When they went to the Capitol and they were breaking into the Capitol, smashing windows, injuring police officers; why did it take you three hours to tell them to go home?” Collins asked. “I don’t believe it did…Oh let me pull it out, I have to pull it out,” Trump said while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a piece of paper, which drew loud cheers from the crowd.

“So if you look at, on January 5 the day before, I said ‘please support our Capitol Police and law enforcement, they truly are on the side of our country. Stay peaceful, stay peaceful,” Trump said.

The leading GOP candidate then proceeded to read off a number of other tweets while Collins repeatedly tried to interject. “If you look January 6, this is before 2:30: ‘I am asking everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful… this is right after, as it was happening,” Trump said. “But what happened is they took it down, I don’t know… I think they took it down because it was so good they didn’t like it being up there,” Trump continued, drawing laughs.


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