WATCH: “TRUMP OR DEATH” Why Is It Trending?


Trump or Death!

These are the words featured on a new Trump 2024 flag and MAGA patriots have wasted no time in displaying their Trump pride.

A video that has since gone viral was posted to the X social media platform on Thursday featuring Dion Cini hoisting a massive “Trump or Die” flag at a recent Yankees game.

Laura Loomer presented the video from a different angle. “My friend ⁦ Dion Cini sent me this video of himself and some friends dropping a “TRUMP OR DEATH” flag at the ⁦Yankees game last night! Very cool!”

Andrew Powell over at Daily Caller didn’t fail to notice:

I remember how glorious the 2016 and 2020 election seasons were with all the Trump flags poppin’ out of nowhere, so this moment right here made me think about that.

Self-proclaimed provocateur Dion Cini posted an advertisement for the “Trump or Death” flag before hoisting the flag at the recent Yankees game.

National Review had absolutely nothing positive to say about the Trump or Death flags:

On the menu today: What does it say about our country that there is a market for flags that declare, “Trump or Death?”

Why do some fans of the former president find that an effective or inspiring rallying cry?

And are they play-acting in the role of revolutionaries, or do they mean what they say?


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