WATCH: Tucker Drops New Episode!


Tucker Carlson has dropped a new episode in which he interviews legendary journalist Glenn Greenwald.

They tackled the complete failure of the Ukraine war, the military-industrial state that constantly engages in war that erodes the middle class, and how American institutions are collapsing.

This conversation was excellent, dynamic, and a perfect example of why the mainstream news media is dying—and evil.

Where else can conversations like the one below occur, except on a free and open internet? Tucker Carlson provided the video with timestamps:

Legendary journalist Glenn Greenwald summed up the exchange:

“I spoke here to Tucker Carlson about the war in Ukraine, the predictable abandonment by the West of it, Biden’s serious troubles, and the Israel/Gaza war: specifically the spate of right-wing censorship and cancellation of pro-Palestinian voices.”

Earlier this year, CNN Business reported:

In July, linear TV made up less than half of all TV viewing, according to Nielsen.

Both broadcast and cable “each represented record low shares” of total viewership, the firm’s report said, making up just 49.6% combined.

Meanwhile streaming services, such as Netflix and YouTube, grew last month to a record high of 38.7% of all total TV watching.

Vox Populi provided this quote from Greenwald: “Americans have really come to the conclusion that our leading institutions of authority are radically corrupted.”

Axios added:

Across the top six late-night programs, ad revenue is down more than 50% since 2014, and more than 60% from its peak in 2016.


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