WATCH: Video Of Extraterrestrial Interrogation Leaked…Real Or Hoax?


There is nothing I love covering more than this topic—it is probably the most important topic in the history of humanity. …

Are we alone? The evidence seems to suggest that this may not be the case. …

Countless sightings of highly advanced flying aircraft go back almost 130 years in the U.S.—before man even had the capability of aerial flight. …

Let’s wind the clock back to 1897, the place: Aurora, Texas.

On the morning of April 17th, 1897, the residents of Aurora began their day like any other, waking up and promptly embarking on that day’s errands and getting to work. …

However, they would soon discover that this day would be unlike any other. ..

According to reports from that time, the strangeness began to unfold at approximately 6 AM when a cigar-like object fell from the sky and crashed into the windmill of Judge J.S. Proctor.

Concerned neighbors and members of the community rushed to Proctor’s property to investigate and render aid if needed.

It was there that they encountered a debris field of material they had never seen before, and laying among that debris was a visitor that the townspeople described as otherworldly.

Not knowing what else to do, the people of Aurora, Texas gathered to lay the visitor to rest and give him a Christian burial and went about their daily lives. …

To some this may sound odd—the fact that these people just went on with life after witnessing something so spectacular doesn’t sit quite right. …

Until one understands that people used to take things at face value.

Our ancestors knew that there was much about the world, the universe, and our place within it, that they did not understand. … To the people of Aurora, Texas, this was just one more thing they did not understand.

Today, people have hubris and believe that we know everything, when, in reality, we only know more than we did.

Fast forward to 1997, and a leaked video of an alleged alien interrogation was making the rounds in independent media circles.

The video features a classic grey alien, jokingly referred to as ‘Victor the alien’, and several medical personnel who appear to be conducting a physical check on the extraterrestrial.

Many have decried the video as fake, and I won’t lie to you, I am still not convinced. …However, UFO researcher John Stewart’s investigation into the video piqued my curiosity.

Stewart spoke to the wife of one of the medical professionals allegedly in the video and she corroborated details about her husband’s time with the Army Medical Corps. …

Stewart also spoke to famed New York Times Journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, whom he claimed believed his account and the authenticity of the video.

Additionally, his investigation was submitted to Congressman Tim Burchett. …

So, is the video real or a hoax? I’ll let you read on and decide for yourself.

Clayton Morris of Redacted recently sat down with UFO investigator John Stewart to discuss his investigation into the video and his subsequent findings.

One user named Juan shared his opinion and analysis:

“Last night, I finished listening to the 1997 Coast to Coast AM Art Bell interview with “Victor” – the guy who leaked the “Alien Interrogation” film that former IL state gov candidate John Stewart recently investigated and allegedly sent a report about to Rep. Tim Burchett.

The video is probably not real, but (1) the apparent USG pushback that Stewart received during his investigation says a lot, and (2) the statements about the beings from “Victor” listed below are very interesting. And remember, these are statements made in 1997:

  1. Biologically inert in relation to our ecosystem.
    2. Beings are presenting themselves as a “test” to us, to see how we treat them.
    3. Beings only appear to function like biological entities.
    4. Beings come from another dimension, contiguous with ours.”

Local NBC affiliate NBCDFW featured a story about the Aurora Texas incident and spoke to one citizen about the event:

Because of the Christian burial, the grave cannot be exhumed for official investigation without permission from next of kin. That permission seems unlikely if Ned was not of this world.

“They’ve brought in ground radar,” Priakos said. “They’ve looked at the gravesite and they’ve gone to other parts of the cemetery and they can confirm something is buried.”

Here’s the 1997 broadcast of Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio show which features an interview with the purported leakers of the alien interrogation film.

Retired journalist David Haith asked: “Is this disinfo just before the UFO hearing or a real bombshell?
John Stewart claims the alien interview footage – often debunked as fake – is real and he tracked down people in the S2 room when it was filmed.”

Recently, UFO whistleblower David Grusch came forward to make claims that the U.S. government is in possession of extraterrestrial biological material, according to The Dallas Morning News:

David Grusch testified that he’d talked to 40 people and learned that the U.S. government has the remnants of a crashed alien spacecraft and bodies of dead alien pilots.

Under oath, he said scientists are working in deep secrecy to reverse-engineer elements of the craft, and in doing so jump ahead thousands of years in research.


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