WATCH: WEF’s Klaus Schwab Identifies Who ‘Will Be The Master Of The World’ In Frightening Statement


There’s a new boss coming, a new “master” of the world, according to World Economic Forum founder and chair Klaus Schwab.

In a statement at the World Government Summit in Dubai, he talked about tech and how it’s changing lives, chatbots, digital influences and more.

And, he said, “Our life in 10 years from now will be completely different. And … who masters those technologies will be the master of the world.”

Schwab, who was born in Germany under the Nazi regime and founded the WEF in 1971, is a mechanical engineer and economist.

He’s been targeted with criticism over the years for his huge salary, estimated at $1 million, and for mixing the finances of the non-for-profit WEF and other for-profit business operations.

The Transnational Institute has suggested the WEF wants to run a “silent global coup d’état” that would capture global governance.

He’s often found praising liberal extremists and their ideologies.

He also said, “My deep concern is that [with] #4IR technologies, if we don’t work together on a global scale, if we do not formulate, shape together the necessary policies, they will escape our power to master those technologies.”


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