WATCH: Whistleblower Sounds Alarm That Ukraine Is Harvesting Organs Of Children in Adrenochrome Labs for VIP Elites


Ukrainian Nazi groups are harvesting children’s organs in basement labs that are discovered after the buildings are destroyed by Russian strikes, according to a whistleblower who worked with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). This information was revealed in a video interview with the whistleblower.

The shocking revelations were made in a video interview by Vera Vayiman, an OSCE member who worked in Ukraine as part of an international monitoring mission. She corroborated earlier reports from the Russian military and even from the Ukrainian military, which has openly boasted that it harvests child organs and body parts for money.

“There existed labs belonging to the defenders of Ukraine,” Vayiman said on video. “These were nationalist battalions. They received [a] commission from their deals. What they did was murdering children, placing organs into containers, and passing those containers on.”

“And the containers were taken out of the country under a grain export code.”

“We liquidated eight such labs”, Vayiman claimed. “They looked like something that we would call ‘basements’.”

“For the most part, we’d get there after they were ‘cleared’. In other words, a lab would be discovered after an explosion. We’d walk onto the ashes of the subsequent fire. There were corpses. There were children. Dissected children. I mean, the kids were cut up.”

Watch the disturbing interview below. Viewer discretion is advised. 3

According to Vera Vayiman, who shared her testimony about what she personally witnessed during her time in Ukraine, the children are shipped out of the country under a grain export code. Warning: this is very disturbing information.

Russian soldiers are claiming that they’ve made a series of hideous discoveries inside Ukraine, where children between the ages of 2 and 7 are being raised in factory farm conditions before the attractive ones are sold as sex slaves to elite pedophiles and those who don’t find buyers are “carved up like discarded waste” and their organs are harvested and sold for use at European and Israeli transplant centers.

According to the Kremlin, the Kiev regime has been earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year by raising children in degrading factory farm conditions and selling them to the highest bidder on the international market – no questions asked.

It is understood that most of the buyers are VIP pedophiles with elite connections.

As these children do not have identities or official papers they are a pedophile’s dream because, in a legal sense, they do not exist.

Western mainstream media has been complicit in its silence about Ukraine’s child factory farms, even attempting to dismiss the evidence as the latest “Russian disinformation campaign.”

There is a whole elite-funded media industry including fact checkers working hard to convince anyone who will listen that any claims out of Russia are fake news and that Ukrainian Nazis deserve our support and taxpayer dollars.

As Putin recently said about the US media, “either they don’t understand the damage they are doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt.”

If you are wondering what sort of human being could possibly engage in dismembering children for the international trade in adrenochrome, we have more video evidence to share with you.

Meet Vladimir Vasilievich, a Ukrainian field surgeon who boasted in an online video chat that he harvests the organs and the eyes of wounded Russian soldiers he picks up on the battlefield for sale in the international market.

“Mostly I cut off the legs and arms of your pigs – and eyes,” he told a Russian he encountered online in a chat roulette-style forum.

“I cut out from your 27-year-old animals, cut out the eyes, cut out the kidneys and liver.”

But all is not lost and brave patriots are fighting back against the international trade in children.

Mel Gibson has now declared that he has “nothing left to lose” and is determined to play his part in bringing awareness to child trafficking and eradicating the evil of elite pedophilia – regardless of the personal consequences.

Sound of Freedom tells the story of Tim Ballard, a former CIA operative, who quits his job as a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations. Early reports indicate the film exposes VIP pedophilia and child trafficking.

Tim Ballard recently told a crowd at the Utah Eagle Forum 2023 Annual Convention that the four-part docuseries, executive produced by Tony Robbins, was nearing completion, and he also revealed that Gibson has dedicated his life to saving children from elite pedophiles.

I said earlier that the mainstream media is complicit in its silence. More interested in promoting Big Pharma products and acting as the PR Department of the Democrat Party, the media appears completely uninterested in the real world issues that have a direct influence on the lives of our children.

If you want to live in a world that is safe for our children, it’s time to make a stand.


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